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Monimoto Smart Motorcycle Alarm System MC larm set

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The Monimoto Smart Motorcycle Alarm and Tracker is an easy to install & Setup wireless tracker which you can install yourself within minutes. Unlike other Alarms on the market it doesn’t drain your batteries and running costs are just €3 a month, billed annually which include roaming charges. This device can be used throughout the EU, making it the most cost effective solution currently available.

Unlike other motorcycle alarms, the Monimoto Smart Alarm does not have to be wired in and is powered by two 12 month Lithium batteries.
Simply install the Monimoto App on your phone and pair the Monimoto device and key, conceal the device securely in your motorcycle, hold on to the key and you're good to go. The alarm automatically arms once the paired key is not in reach. However, once close by, the alarm immediately disarms. In case of theft, Monimoto will call your phone and send you GPS coordinates if your motorcycle moves.

Your package will include the following:
Monimoto Smart Motorcycle Alarm
Monimoto key
Releaseable zip ties (Pair)
CR123A batteries for smart alarm (Pair)
CR2032 battery for Monimoto key
Micro-sized international SIM card

Key Features / Points:
Calls Phone After 1 Minute If Movement is Detected
GPS Tracking Via Mobile Phone
International SIM Card for All EU Territories
Bluetooth Compatible
Compact Battery Powered Device

The Monimoto Motorbike GPS Tracking System is packed with features...
Specifications include:
GPS tracker alarm system that calls your phone if your motorcycle is being moved or stolen
Easy to set up and install on any motorcycle
2G GSM modem frequency 900/1800MHz (3G for US market only)
Leading u-blox GSM and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible
Battery powered device - includes two 3V Lithium 1400mAh CR123A batteries
Battery powered key - includes 3V Lithium CR2032 battery
Battery Monitor - receive alerts when the battery is running low
IP65 rated - protected against dust and low-pressure water jets
2-year limited warranty

MOBILE APP - MONIMOTO has a smart app for configuration and management device. App features:
Battery Monitor - Check the battery level of your MONIMOTO, and receive alerts if it is running low.
SIM card balance Monitor - Get status notifications of the SIM card balance.
Adjust motion sensor sensitivity - The motion sensor triggers all the anti-theft features. You can adjust its sensitivity through the app.
Full event log - The event log automatically keeps track of the device status.
Support and guidance - Receive product guidance and tech support.

SIM CARD & GSM SERVICES - MONIMOTO requires active SIM card with GSM connection. MONIMOTO package comes with a pre-installed SIM card with activated GSM roaming services plan.
International SIM Card for use within EU (incl. Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein)
First 2 months GSM Roaming service in all EU countries is free of charge. Later, 3 EUR/month only!
Default connection to the strongest GSM operator/signal in any country.
SIM card balance reporting to the app feature.
There are no service fees to MONIMOTO company. You only need an active SIM card.
Customer is free to use any SIM card of his/her choice.